About Us

The Education Explorer is an education consultancy firm assisting students who wish to study abroad. We, at The Education Explorer want to take over from where you left. After all those long years of hard work for a bright future it's our chance to strive towards helping you to fulfill your ambitions. All you need to do now is come to us so that we can serve you by providing the best counseling and guidance to help you to choose and pursue your dream educational career.

The rigorous and time-consuming process of searching through innumerable career opportunities at numerous universities all over the world must have left you confused and uncertain. But now its time to bid the uncertainty goodbye......because our mission is to provide you with step by step in-depth counseling so that this seemingly protracted search is made simple and interesting for you.

The Education Explorer works with fully accredited (recognized) colleges and universities in the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Ireland, Russia, Turkey, China, Cyprus, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland, Vietnam, Korea, Maurituas and other nice study destinations in the world, providing excellent student support for international studies and professional experience. We understand each student's special strengths, values and needs, while striving to include all family members in the educational planning process. One of the first impressions that we hope students will have of The Education Explorer is our service-oriented attitude & value-added services towards study abroad. We are here to help each student throughout the entire study abroad process, from choosing the appropriate program to completing the application process to participate successfully in the study abroad experience.

The Education Explorer believes that by studying abroad, students are not only witness of another culture, but they experience the culture by living a new way of life. We hope that students will gain a cultural understanding and personal independence that can only be achieved by living and studying in another country. Moreover, we hope that students will continue to reap the benefits of study abroad by encouraging cultural understanding in their own communities having opportunity of learning in international community.


Mission Statement

Serving for Education Causes;
Focusing on value-added service providing for all students & partner institutes;
Helping students to achieve their Academic Goals around the globe;
Representing credible institutes worldwide;
Providing Educational Solutions!


Company Profile

The Education Explorer was established with the aim to provide reliable and value-added educational consultancy services, following international code of conducts, business ethics & good practice measures, to potential students who want to pursue further education in foreign institutes & represents credible institutes professionally for long run working worldwide. The idea of establishing educational consultancy firm was to provide all level best services, information, counseling, career guidance and admission services to students, parents & partner institutes.

Our slogan is “Providing Educational Solutions!”

Being professional we always focus on pro-active approach & our clients’ satisfaction, either students, parents or our partner institutes. We believe on regular communication, direct access & individual satisfaction ensuring fair, legal and ethical business practices.

We try to be active part of all local as well as international bodies for training, learning, sharing, updates, events organizing, seminars conducting etc. for updates and professional working.

So your decision to choose our services will definite give you comfort of being in professional hands for your academic career!

Our professional staff will be happy to reply your queries with caring & personal attitude always.


Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the backbone of every company. In present scenario, without hi-tech and specialized promotions you can’t stand any where in the market. To identify and grab the market potential is our core competency. To be in the market, we follow a defined and planned marketing policy. Marketing is also done to spread awareness and to beat the competition. We always use latest marketing tools for achieving the target.

We normally promote our services through:-

  • Print Media, Electronic Media & Social Media Advertisement (as per requirements)
  • Distribution of Pamphlets, Brouchers & Hand-Bills
  • Organizing Seminars regularly before every session
  • Participating in Exhibitions, Educational Fairs & other events
  • Road shows, Give-Away
  • Annual Scholarship Test for good grade students in partner institutes
  • Tie-ups with other Agents, Sub-Agents, Organizations & Associates locally & abroad
  • Tie-ups with other professional bodies locally & abroad
  • Get-togethers and other social events organizing time by time
  • Tele-marketing and regular electronic communication to existing and new clients
  • Direct marketing in local institutes regularly giving presentations & briefing about all courses